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Queue at the supermarket: there is an app that helps you avoid it

An app helps to avoid long lines for shopping by helping us not to have to risk staying in contact with more people in times of coronavirus

Queue at the supermarket? the site that allows you to check the queue at supermarkets. Yes, also because unfortunately the queues are becoming habitual. And being able to prevent them, to avoid having to comply with the distances and avoid the contagion of coronavirus, not so bad.

The especially useful for those not close to a supermarket and forced to go by car. Among other things, remember to always carry with you lautocertificazioneKnowing in advance when you have to wait can make us think maybe of changing the time or day, and avoiding staying out of the house for longer than necessary. was developed by five students from thePolitecnico di Milano, with the spirit of wanting to make one's contribution in this difficult moment. Helped by many, including who also made the cloud hosting service available, the team is already working to further improve the platform.

How the app works to avoid the queue at the supermarket

queue at the supermarket

Open the site here, let the browser switch the location to the system, and you will have a list of supermarkets open in your area. At this point you will also see the waiting time. Below half an hour the green signal, otherwise it can be orange or red.

It is obviously possible to use also from the smartphone. There is no further app to download, just connect to the site with your favorite browser. To date service active only in Lombardy, and as already mentioned in expansionboth from the point of view of the number of points of sale and geographical coverage, and from the point of view of the accuracy of thewaiting data. On this front, the button are queued here for a way to share information on the wait and make the displayed minutes more precise.