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Other analysts, difficult March for Apple

Other analysts, difficult March for Apple – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The list of analysts who fear that the supply problems of iMac could lead Apple to a problematic fiscal quarter is getting longer. Over the course of yesterday, after the many who had already revealed similar fears, Prudential Securities also put forward the hypothesis that Cupertino could be forced to deal with profits below expectations. 'Despite the demand for the new iMac remains strong' said Kimberly Alexy 'we are worried about the company's inability to put production up to speed' Recall that according to some analysts at the moment Apple has not been able to meet the expected number of deliveries of new iMacs, probably due to some problems in the supply of LCD monitors that are difficult to find in sufficient quantities all over the world and for all manufacturers of PC.According to Alexy Apple, therefore well positioned to have an excellent third quarter tax (the one that closes in June) but it could demonstrate some weakness over what will close at the end of this month. The same position is expressed by Dan Niles of Lehman Brothers. Many analysts believe that Steve Jobs speaking already this week in Tokyo, during the inaugural speech of the MacWorld Expo , could provide information about the numbers achieved by iMac and also give some clues to understand how things really are in the delivery of new machines.

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