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OnePlus relaunches the "The Lab" program to make users review OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro

The new phones of OnePlus they can be reviewed by users before their official launch. The Shenzhen-based company has announced that it has revived the program "The Lab", just in view of the launch of the series OnePlus 8.

oneplus 8 the lab

But how exactly does this program work? Put simply, CEO Pete Lau's company will ship the new top of the range to ten pre-selected users, who will be called to give their "solid and impartial" review. The announcement on the company's official forum confirms that the phone will be shipped before the launch event and that users with the best reviews will be able to keep the device. Most likely the new OnePlus 8 series, which is expected to be officially launched next April 15th, will feature three phones, but at the moment the Chinese company's post does not specify which phone will be sent for review.

To participate in the initiative launched by OnePlus, just a few steps are needed. The company asks the technology enthusiasts they have in-depth knowledge and a certain passion for smartphones to submit their application, which will then be examined by the community. To send it there is time until April 1st. The next day, after careful evaluations, the 10 users who will proceed to the review will be announced. The phones will then be sent to these users. There best review will be rewarded by the brand.

However, as also reported in CEO Pete Lau's company post, 6 out of 10 places are reserved for those who created a forum account before the announcement. OnePlus will select these 10 "reviewers" based on their ability to creativity, writing, photography and videography. To ensure the diversity of reviews, demographic information will also be considered.

The forum post also describes in detail what the 10 reviewers once selected will have to do, including participation in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) after 21 days of use device. OnePlus started the "The Lab" program in 2016: at the time the phone to review was OnePlus 3.

Source Gadgets360