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On the assault of Flash MX

On the assault of Flash MX – logomacitynet1200wide 1

As promised Flash MX arrived today. The new version of the software for the creation of multimedia Web contents appeared this morning on the Macromedia sites, immediately creating great interest, perhaps too much for the site's capabilities. The real "assault" organized by the eager users is to get their hands on the player that on the retail version caused a real traffic jam that prevented many from even accessing HTML pages, let alone download the full-bodied (almost a hundred megs) demo that Macromedia made available to all those who wanted to try the new features The producer even suspended online sales at some point of the day to ease the load and avoid unpleasant episodes of multiple orders or the inability to complete the transactions. We remember that Flash MX, of which Macity has long spoken in recent days, fully compatible with Mac OS X and able to manage the most different types of content.

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