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Offer 3 for iPhone, some news still to be revealed

There may be good news coming for those who intend to sign a contract with 3 for their iPhone. According to some Macity sources, in fact, the operator of the Hutchison Whampoa group is considering the possibility of finding some solution to facilitate customers who intend to use massively of data traffic.

Based on the information we have collected from sources that we believe to be reliable, 3 would have examined the possibility of applying reduced costs for the extra fee over the past few hours. Currently anyone who exceeds the limit of weekly data (from 1 to 5 GB depending on the contracts) would find themselves paying 20 euro cents per MB; the figure is not irrelevant if we consider the weight of the current Internet pages and email messages and, above all, the particular identity of the Apple phone that has its keystone when accessing the network. Among the hypotheses under study would be that of a cost cut per mega or, alternatively, the creation of 'extra' bundles at an economic price that will be added to the data package.

For now nothing would be left in the pot as regards the second (and probably more serious) problem that could afflict 3 customers, namely data traffic in roaming. In this case there are agreements with Tim which provides coverage l where 3 is not present and not easy for H3G to find a system for limiting the costs that are certainly not particularly cheap (60 cents per mega) when the network 3 has to give way to that of the Telecom Italia mobile operator. According to what we learned, in any case, 3 is well aware that an important part of its ability to convince customers to sign up for a subscription is being played on this joint and is trying to understand if and how to deal with the problem. The goal would be to make it less essential for iPhone customers to keep an eye on the phone continuously to see if they are roaming or not or, perhaps, deactivation (not very simple or comfortable, as we have explained in the past) same roaming.

In any case, beyond the rumors and rumors about the data offer, 3 confirmed that the complete plans for the iPhone have not yet been defined and that the offer, although now frozen in its general details, could still have some tweaks before the launch which should take place around the middle of the current month.