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Now you can try all the beta versions of Mac OS for free …


Apple allows all users to try out the new beta versions of Mac OS X for free.

OS X Mavericks

Just a few hours ago Apple has iOS 7.1.1 officially released for iPhone, iPod and iPad.Apple releases IOS 7.1.1 for iPhone and iPad: Available for Download!

The news presented today by Apple, however, does not end here: apparently, in fact, starting today all users will be able to try and install the new beta versions of Mac OS X for free, which previously were the prerogative of the developers.

Contrary to the past, therefore, from today all Apple users will be able to preview the new versions of Mac OS X when they are still in beta, to help improve the software pending the final global and official release.

To suffer from Mac OS X 10.9.3, therefore, anyone can try a preview of Mac OS X pending the release of the official version of the update. You will still need to register as an Apple website developer, but you won't have to pay anything and the trial will be completely free. It will be interesting for users to preview new features before they officially arrive.

obviouslybeing a beta release, you run the risk of encountering some bugs or problems, but this is part of the "package" that allows you to try a preview operating system. This is an excellent idea by Apple to allow all users to try the Mac OS X beta for free. In one way or another, users always managed to try the Mac OS X beta even without being a developer, but at least in this way Apple manages to control the number of downloads and to have a direct and official interaction channel with its beta testers.

What will you do? Will you be running the beta versions of Mac OS X or will you continue with the stable versions?

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