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New self-declaration form to move, how to fill it out and download

The new fillable self-declaration form made available by the Ministry of the Interior, changed on the basis of the decree of 22 March. Here then download

The Ministry of Interior released on new self-declaration form to move in Italy during the emergency Coronavirus. Based on the new decree of the March 22 of the President of the Council the changed self-certification form: how to fill it out and what to do if it cannot be printed.

New self-declaration form for travel

The new decree of March 22 provides for very strict new measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Italy and the measures provide for extensive restrictions on movements for inhabitants of all Italy, in each region. Now you cannot leave your town of residence, except for "absolute urgency", which is accompanied by the suspension of all production activities except those deemed essential. To take into account the new limits: the ban on moving outside the Municipality, the closure of production activities and more widespread control of movements now there is a new self-declaration form for movements.

The new module of self-certification that you have to fill in to move to move to Italy, you needto prevent the spread of the infectioncoronavirus. Published it on 24on its official website and certifies the reasons for the movements

How to fill in the form

Compared to the previous a part is added in which the person controlled by the police force must certify thatdon't be in quarantine, if not actually affected by Covid-19, the field of "reasons of absolute urgency justifying the move out of the Municipality of residence is added, the place of departure and arrival is added. The new self-declaration model also fillable, you can enter the data on the computer and then print it only to sign it.

The aim of this integration is to make the obligations and limitations to which citizens' movements are subject even more explicit, as well as to protect law enforcement personnel assigned to checks.

To move for work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons, it is necessary to submit to the controls certification certifying the reason for derogating from the directive to reduce movement from one area to another as much as possible.

If you don't have a printer and can't print the form?

If you have a pc, just transform the document in pdf format attached here, and then fill it in, then send it to your smartphone, and then show the self-certification via smartphone screen in case of control.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a PC, you can download an app to your smartphone that can transform PDF documents into words, so that they can be compiled.

Download new self-declaration form to be presented

New self-declaration form to move - download

Law enforcement (carabinieri, police, finance, local police) will in fact be engaged in extraordinary checks of the territory and will ask the arrested people for an account the reason for their displacementIn the event of unmotivated movement outside of the municipality of residence, very heavy penalties can be imposed, which go as far as prison.

By clicking here you can download the self-declaration form that can be shown during a possible check!

If you are stopped, you can also make a statement that the police will transcribe and on which they can also make subsequent checks. It is up to the citizen to prove that he has told the truth. In the event of negative findings, the complaint is triggered for failure to comply with a provision of the authoritythat generally foreseen from article 650 of the penal code (non-compliance with a provision of an authority: punishment for arrest of up to three months or fine of up to 206 euros) unless a more serious hypothesis such as that provided for in article 452 of the Criminal Code can be configured (culpable crimes against public health that pursues all conduct suitable to produce a danger to public health).

Prohibition to move

So recapitulating Italy now the whole Red Zone, movement is not strictly forbidden, but very limited in the whole Peninsula.There is a reduced mobility system. Throughout Italy, any movement into and out of the territories must be avoided, unless they are motivated by proven work needs, situations of necessity (if businesses selling basic necessities are closed in your area) or travel for health reasons. This means that you can go to work if the employer has not activated it smart workingand if your company is part of the production activities, leave leave or vacation measures open. You can go for a visit or a medical check-up, if it has not been canceled by the health facility, you cannot play outdoor sports, if not under the house and in any case not in Lombardy