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Microsoft seeks peace with Europe

Microsoft seeks peace with Europe – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft offers an olive branch to the European Community Anti-Trust Commission. "A step to satisfy the requests and doubts advanced towards us", to use Redmond's words. What should be a way to close the case that opposes the biggest protagonist of the IT world in the world to the EU was presented this morning by John Frank, general councilor for our Microsoft continent. It would involve revealing some of its proprietary code so that competitors may be able to compete better with Windows systems. The fact that Microsoft controls the code, potentially, having the possibility of producing server software capable of working better with the pervasive Windows clients is one of the accusations advanced by the adversaries of Microsoft. At the moment it is not clear whether this offer will satisfy the EU; what appears certain that Microsoft's proposal does not touch a second aspect of the accusations made against it in Europe: the interaction of Media Player with the operating system, the methods and consequences of which are also under investigation by the Union.

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