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Michael Jackson, Italy gives him a tribute on the iTunes store

Michael Jackson's death hit Italians who use iTunes to buy music. The demonstration in the ranking of the national store that was literally stormed for the purchase of music, both singles and albums, of what can not be considered one of the kings of pop of all time.

The works of "Jacko" are at the top 4 of the LP chart: King of Pop first, Thriller second, Thriller 25th Aniversary, third and The Collection fourth. As if this were not enough The Essential Michael Jackson sixth and Bad eighth. Which means six of the top ten albums are by Michael Jackson. But the presence of the American singer pervades the ranking of the top one hundred places at each level: Dangerous in thirteenth place, History is in 18th, Michael Jackson The Ultimate Collection in 19th place, at 23 c 'Thriller 25th anniversary at 24 King Of Pop, at 30 Invincible at 39 We Are The World USA For Africa (of which Jackson was the lead voice), at 47 The Very Best of Michael Jackson The Jackson 5, at 48 Number Ones. In short: 15 records in the first 50 places. Finally, 77 "History – Past, Present and Future" is added as a "bonus".

Equally incredible what happens in the ranking of the first 100 single songs: 31 songs are of the deceased singer tonight. In practice, one out of three songs by Michael Jackson, although the first (Billie Jean) "only" seventh.

This situation is repeated elsewhere, even more exasperated. In the USA, for example, in the ranking of the top ten LPs eight are by Michael Jackson who occupies the top seven places in the ranking; 39 are the singles in the ranking of the top 100 with the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh places.