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Mark Zuckerberg as Iron Man: the villa is managed by the virtual assistant Jarvis

All the major IT giants are engaged in some way on artificial intelligence: the new Silicon Valley toy also really likes Mark Zuckerberg who has decided to show off the capabilities and functionality of his virtual assistant with a new video that we report in this article. This time for artificial intelligence not exploited to predict and satisfy the wishes of Facebook users, but to manage one of the most intriguing home automation and smart home systems seen so far.

Zuckerberg announced the project earlier this year and the new movie is not a real demonstration, but rather a fun summary of the possible functions. The virtual system baptized Jarvis, the same name as Iron Man's digital assistant, only that the Facebook patron preferred a voice decidedly more up to par, none other than that of Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman.

Jarvis knows all the commitments of the day of Zuckerberg, checks the lights, warns if someone at the door and, in the case of authorized family members, can open it in our place, as happens in the video for parents of the King Midas of social media. In addition to preparing breakfast toast and throwing the shirts perpetually worn by Mark on the fly, Jarvis is also capable of singing and entertaining the little Max, the eldest son of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla.

The nice and effect video also has the advantage of illustrating some of the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence applied to home automation. Of course it would have been possible to obtain almost similar results simply by purchasing an Amazon Echo or with an iPhone with HomeKit, but you want to put a few hundred dollars on a solution for everyone, instead of an ad hoc, personalized and voice system by Morgan Freeman? For all the details on the Zuckerberg Jarvis project you can also consult this post.

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