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Macitynet competition: beware of Hotmail email addresses

Macitynet competition: beware of Hotmail – email addresses logomacitynet1200wide 1

Who has a Hotmail account and has decided to participate in our contest, our prize contest may not have received the email asking to confirm the registration. The problem was verified in recent days by our technicians working on the database and on the control and verification systems of the participants' addresses.

The reasons why Hotmail does not distribute our unclear confirmation messages to some (the non-generalized phenomenon) of the subscribers. The problem does not occur with any other mail server or mail service provider. Therefore, these are probably aggressive spam filter settings which retain our confirmation email directly on the server.

In the impossibility of operating differently, we have decided to manually approve all addresses of readers with Hotmail addresses who have not responded to the registration confirmation message. We therefore invite those who have not received the confirmation message not to register with other email addresses, in order not to unnecessarily duplicate their data. In any case, any double registration will be eliminated.

In light of all this we also invite our readers and those who want to participate in our contest not to use a hotmail address to register.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our team at the email address (Email protected) specifying in the subject "Informed and Win Competition"

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