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Logitech POP Smart Button is compatible with Apple HomeKit

Now POP Smart Button by Logitech tailored by HomeKit thanks to the new model compatible with Apple technology and therefore capable of controlling all HomeKit devices in the home with the click of a single button. The ingenious hi-tech switch was announced last August: at a price of $ 99.99 it allowed you to manage connected home devices using them within your home even without the help of a smartphone and associated app.

The new version costs less: $ 59.99 for the starter pack that includes a button and the POP Bridge to connect it to the home Wi-Fi network, while the individual buttons (available in four colors including white, red, green and gray) can possibly be integrated into the system by purchasing them individually for $ 39.99 each. The main novelty, we said, consists in the support of Apple's HomeKit, thus integrating with the Casa app and with all the accessories associated with it.

Logitech POP Smart Button

There is no limit to the number of buttons that can be connected to the POP Bridge and when the system is coupled to the Apple Home app, simply configure the desired scene and the button will take care of the rest, allowing for example to turn on the lights in night before mode to lie down, open or close the home locks or any other connected device without going through the smartphone.

Obviously, the Logitech POP Smart Button, like the first version, can also be used with non-HomeKit devices such as Sonos audio systems, the Logitech Harmony remote controller, Osram lamps and Lutron locks, as well as August products, Philips Hue lamps and much more.

Logitech POP Smart Button