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KingHunt is the app of the week that can be downloaded for free for iPad and iPhone


KingHunt available for free for a limited period.

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Each week, as you know, an app or game is chosen from the App Store which is referred to as the App of the Week. Thanks to this initiative, anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad can download the app in question for free for a short period.

Awarded and presented as the app of the week, KingHuntfor a few days from today it will be available for free on iPad and iPhone.

KingHunt Features:

After centuries of silence, the Devilish Voter has returned. Together with his ten puppet kings, he invaded the island of Heart and ruined a once beautiful place. King Muffin, delicious but ruthless, was placed to guard the Kingdom of the South, the incredible stench of Count Cheese makes the forest surrounding Castello Sepolcro uninhabitable and the most fearsome among them, the Dinosaur King, made the den on top of an infernal volcano. Slice the elector's armies, unlock new fantastic worlds and collect magical trinkets to become more powerful than any king!

KingHunt offers the incredible graphic quality of a console (60 frames per second) for the first time on mobile devices! But don't take our words for it, take a look at the trailer:

FEATURES:-Great power at your fingertips: stop time, cause chain explosions and invoke meteor showers.-200 different enemies: jump, fly, swim and drop towards you!-12 fantastic worlds: to be discovered and removed from the domain of the Devilish Elector.-100 magic trinkets: collect them and try to become the greatest hunter of Game Center kings!-110 challenges and 76 medals: to be won and then brag about it with friends from Game Center.-DST (Dynamic Slicing Technology) technology: offers infinite slicing variations.

LINK download here

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