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iPhone, the strong demand begins to be felt also in Italy

Italian sales channels in trouble to meet the iPhone demand. Some readers who have contacted us to report the reduction in stocks to the point that some stores, especially in large cities, are starting to no longer report enough to meet the demand.

In particular, Tim seems to be the most troubled operator. From Milan to Turin, from Bologna to Reggio Calabria, there have been reports of 'Tim – Cell phone' shops completely free of iPhones with salesmen who raise their hands and appeal to 'next deliveries' arriving for the weekend. It would not be a situation similar to that of last year when, in fact, for customers willing to sign a two-year subscription, iPhones were available. Our readers really wanted to subscribe to an All Inclusive 2.0 plan and combine it with an iPhone 3GS.

The situation is a little better for Vodafone. But even the second Italian mobile operator seems to have problems (some models are missing, especially the 16 GB white) and this is a novelty, since last year Vodafone never found it difficult to provide iPhone even without a contract.

It should be noted that for apparently at least online phones are available, even if this evening trying to buy an iPhone from Tim, perhaps due to a malfunction of the site, a 404 error message was obtained.

On the other hand, those who seem to be in the opposite situation, few problems in the 'physical' store, a few more on the Internet, Apple. The iPhone maker reports sufficient stocks in its direct sales outlet, the only one in Italy, in Length, while shipping times are rising on the Internet. If those who bought directly from Apple had to expect a delivery between two and four days in the last weekend, now they can have to wait even seven days. The only two-day iPhones are the 8 GB ones; all the others, black and white from 16 and 32 GB, are given at one week.

Italy is not the only country in the world to begin to experience any iPhone supply problems. In the United States, the United Kingdom and, lately, also in Canada, the situation is not very different with the stores of the operators without the new models.