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iPhone, production blocked in India for (at least) three weeks

The Indian supply chain that deals with the production of iPhone stops: not only Foxconn, but also Wistron they suspended the entire Apple smartphone assembly process following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision to stop all activities in the country, which on TV said:

For a few days forget what it means to go out. The decision made today for a nationwide lockdown draws a line out of your homes.

Following this decision, 1.3 billion people will not be able to leave their homes due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For some time, Apple has relied on the systems that its suppliers have located in India (for example, iPhone XR has also been assembled on the Asian sub-continent since October of last year). Foxconn will be closed across the country until April 14, while Wistron has not released official communications, even if the (desired) reopening date is supposed to be the same. Among other things, there are offices in India with thousands of employees involved in the development and analysis of Apple Maps data: in this case too, all activities are suspended until the local government announces the stop to the blockade.