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iPhone, Apple Store shipping between two and 4 days

iPhone, Apple Store shipping between two and 4 days – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The delivery times of the iPhone on the Apple Store (sponsor) continue to fluctuate, a sign that the flow of purchases has not yet stabilized and that customer demand continues to be high.

Last week we had reported a move to seven days for the delivery time of the new 16 GB model, obviously the most requested of the range. The others were two days old, but subsequently dropped to 24 hours. Today a check on the online store shows that the 16 Gb model has dropped, perhaps due to longer delivery times, in demand, leaving space for orders for both the 32GB model and the 8 GB model.

Currently both the basic version and the top version have returned to two days for shipping while the 15 GB model has gone to 4 days. Recall that we are talking about times that, on average, pass from the order to the exit of the product from Apple warehouses. In these times, those of the actual transit towards the customer's home must then be added.

Recall that iPhone purchased on the Apple Store costs 499, 599 and 699 euros and completely free from any operator constraint and as such can be used with any operator.

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