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iPhone 3GS, guided tour in Italian

iPhone 3GS, guided tour in Italian – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple tonight put the iPhone 3GS guided tour online in Italian. The well-known "Matteo" introduces the device which, like colleagues from other countries, has the task of introducing Italian customers to new hardware news.

Anyone who has followed all the events related to the new iPhone in the past few days, should not wait too many things that the sites, specialized and otherwise, have reported both before and after the launch of the device. Those who had instead only had a not too careful look and were interested in having an overall summary of what the iPhone 3GS can do could certainly find the guided tour interesting.

Note that there are various versions of the movie available by resolution; one of them also for iPod. A large format version (333 MB) is also available to download and watch offline.

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