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iPhone 3G and S, be careful not to let him catch a fever

iPhone 3G and S, be careful not to let him catch a fever – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple offers a series of interesting tips to users of iPhone 3G and also iPhone 3G S on how to keep the temperature of your smartphone under control in relation to environmental conditions. The post was published in the pages of the support site and first of all recommends using iPhones with external temperatures between zero degrees and 35 degrees. Apple explains that at temperatures below the iPhone threshold it could provide a significantly lower autonomy than the standard one, while temperatures above 35 degrees could cause the smartphone to momentarily freeze.

Also according to the Apple iPhone post, it should be kept in places with temperatures between -20 degrees and up to 45 degrees: thus not advisable to leave iPhone in the parked car. On particularly hot days, higher temperatures are easily reached in the passenger compartment. Apple continues by describing the behavior of the smartphone in the event that the internal temperature of the components exceeds the normal operating temperature. iPhone may from time to time stop charging the battery, reduce the brightness of the screen, reduce the reception of the cellular network and finally display a warning message for the user. In this case, the smartphone is no longer operational and in the full-screen message, it indicates to the user the need to cool down the components before being able to return to operation. We report in this article the screen contained in the original Apple post.

Apple concludes by explaining that the warning and the blocking of the smartphone are in fact a system to protect the integrity of the internal components. Even in the event of overheating and temporary blocking, the user can still make emergency calls but this possibility is not always guaranteed. If the lucky owners of iPhone 3G S will see the death screen appear during the next summer holidays, keep in mind Apple's suggestions: immediately turn off iPhone and leave it to cool down.

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