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iPhone 3 arrives on Friday?

iPhone of 3 arrives Friday? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

3 will launch its commercial offer for iPhone next Friday? The hypothesis of a launch at the end of next week arises on the basis of a cryptic message as always reported by Twitter.

The channel opened by H3G on the social networking service, which in recent days has correctly provided for some of the news, speaks in fact of 'last Saturday night without iPhone'; it is not indicated as Friday, but the Friday traditionally used by Apple for the launch of its products and it is conceivable that even 3 will adapt to this tradition.

Much is known about the iPhone 3 even if not everything, as the operator himself points out. Some details should be revealed to coincide with the actual availability of the phone. Among the news of a certain interest (not only for iPhone but certainly useful also for iPhone customers) there could be packages at a flat rate for the extra quota data and, hopefully (but here we are in the pure field of, in fact, hopes) , also some facilities for data connections and roaming which was and remains the real weak point of the offer 3.

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