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iPhone 12 with LIDAR appears in a first render, also in Navy Blue version

The rumors of a Flight Time Sensor (ToF) arriving on an iPhone 2020 have been manifold in recent weeks and with the presentation of iPad Pro 2020 with LIDAR sensor, practically certain that the next iPhone will have such a feature. Now comes the concept that shows us the iPhone 12 with LIDAR.

Not only do the new concepts show us what an iPhone with LIDAR on the back would look like, but they also give a taste of the Navy Blue model that has been discussed in recent days. It is a new color that should replace the current green iPhone 11 Pro.

LiPhon 12 with LIDAR appears in a first render, also Navy Blue

Apple says that the LiDAR scanner used on the iPad Pro 2020 will allow accurate and detailed 3D scans, qualities that will provide a lot of meat to the fire for developers who want to create immersive augmented reality experiences. What has been seen so far seems really promising, but these are uses that could soon expand beyond fashion, especially if the technology really arrives on the iPhone.

However, the concept of this alleged iPhone 12 does not show many surprises, compared to the pre-launch rumors that have been broadcast to date. The rear camera offers a shape similar to that seen on the iPhone 11, although it gains the LiDAR scanner in the corner, with the LED flash moving to the center. In fact, the aesthetics appear more balanced, although certainly not everyone might like it.

LiPhon 12 with LIDAR appears in a first render, also Navy Blue

iPhone 12 should see light next September, provided that the current coronavirus emergency does not delay its presentation, due to problems related to the production of the terminal.

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