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iOS 8: Split screen on iPad for having 2 windows side by side


iOS 8: Split screen on iPad for having 2 windows side by side

On the new iOS 8 there is an aura of mystery. In fact, if we know almost everything about the next iPhone in terms of design and hardware on the next Apple operating system we know almost nothing. Although the radical change that took place with iOS 7 was a small step, many users expect a lot from iOS 8 and today we have a first and sensational news on a features that could be integrated on the next Apple OS.

According to some rumors leaked on the net, in addition to the biometric system that will be integrated on the next Apple devices that will be used by the Healthbook application, it would seem that a great deal is finally coming to iPad multitasking revolution.

In fact, according to what leaked from the 9to5Mac site, Apple plans to enable the tablet on split screen function, or the possibility of using two different applications simultaneously, dividing the screen into equal parts. A possibility made possible not only by the big screen of the iPad but also because of the powerful ARM processors.

Apple is therefore ready to battle the Surface tablets that are conquering increasingly important shares and Apple would like to open i XPC services so that developers can develop applications that can communicate with each other. So in the future you can send an email attachment to iPhoto with a drag and drop between the two windows.

Here is the video of what the new feature might look like:

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We just have to wait for the WWDC in June where we will know what Apple has in store with its iOS 8.

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