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Intel, smaller Pentium

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Intel has announced that it has achieved the ability to churn out processors with 0.09 micron circuitry in its process of refinement of the production of processors, the news of relevance because it confirms that progress in the field continues despite the increasingly difficult challenges posed by technology. The 0.09 micron circuitry should appear in processors that will enter computers from next summer taking the place of the 0.13 micron processors used today by Intel for Pentiums 4. Thanks to the refinement of the miniaturization process, the processors will be able to contain a more transistors, up to 330 million in 109 square millimeters, and therefore have a substantial increase in computing capacity. The first Intel processor to have 0.09 micron circuitry will be Prescot. We remember that at the moment n Motorola n AMD are still managed to make 0.13 micron processors. Only IBM with its PPC 750FX processor, not yet used in any Mac, has touched Intel's miniaturization levels.

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