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InCurva: app for iPhone and Android to generate stadium banners


InCurva: Generating stadium banners on iPhone and Android has never been easier!

Surely in the last few days you will have seen some images turn on Facebook in which a curve of a stadium was portrayed with very nice and funny banners. All these images were created through an application called InCurva, available for Android and iPhone, which allows precisely to create fake stadium banners with personalized writings to be shared on the main social networks such as Facebook.

Let's see in detail how it works and what this interesting application offers, which is also available for free on the App Store and Play Store for Android and iPhone.

InCurva is an easy-to-use app that allows you to recreate fictitious stadium banners with the lettering and customizations you want. The banners displayed in the curves of the stadiums are characteristic elements of football and give voice to entire fans. If you want to give voice to your passion for football, for your favorite team, InCurva is the app for you!

Using the InCurva application to personalize your writing really easy. In a few steps, in fact, you can create your personalized banner to express your football opinion and have fun with your friends. The application, in fact, allows the immediate sharing of the image on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter and this is its strong point!

As said, creating your own banner with InCurva is very simple. At your disposal you will have two separate banners: the first with a maximum of 30 characters, the second of 35. After entering the text of the banner you will have the possibility to choose the curve in which it will be displayed (Italian curve or Spanish curve) and the color of the text.


At this point you are ready to save the photo and share it on the web with friends. A simple to use but extremely fun app. I would call it brilliant. Try it, really beautiful!

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