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HP calculators are revived on the iPhone

Two legendary calculators, the scientific programmable HP 15C and the financial HP 12C, returning to new life thanks to the availability of two software on the App Store that emulate them perfectly on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The HP 12C has a 1-line 12-character LCD display, allows you to choose functions via a button, provides 100 integrated functions (statistics, commercial, mathematical) and suitable for use in the fields of finance, accounting, economics and commerce.

The HP 15C considered by many to be "the most beautiful calculator in the world", so much so that there are even petitions on the Internet to convince HP to re-market it; the application provides all the functions present as standard in the original model including functions for calculating matrices, roots, imaginary functions, solutions of equations, etc.

In landscape mode, the applications are in all respects a perfect replica of the original devices. In vertical mode a simplified version in RPN notation (reverse Polish notation) is shown.

Note that because the iPod / iPhone processor is faster than the original device, the calculators are obviously faster. The original devices have formulas and references on the back, HP has decided to maintain this feature in the software versions: by touching the front logo, a fake back appears with the same formulas and references.

– The app that emulates the 12C costs 11.99 euros and can be purchased by clicking here – The one that emulates the 15c 23.99 euros and can be purchased starting from here.

(By Mauro Notarianni)