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How to change IMEI on iPhone 4 / 3GS / 3G / 2

marzo 25, 2020


How to change IMEI on iPhone 4 / 3GS / 3G / 2

ZiPhone open source program that allows you to change IMEI and Jailbreak on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone 2 but also on iPod Touch. ZiPhone supports the unlocking of many international networks.

The change of IMEI it may be necessary if you have purchased a used iPhone and now the operator has blocked it because the owner does not pay the installment but I remind you that anyway change illegal IMEI and in fact you can no longer bring your smartphone to service in case of problems.

ZiPhone a small program that allows you to change IMEI through a simple graphical interface that contains all the functions you can do with ZiPhone how to change IMEI and Jailbreak.

How to change IMEI on iPhone

  1. Download, install and start ZiPhone from the link at the bottom of the article.
  2. Open the Windows Command Prompt (Write the code "cmd" without quotation marks on "Run").
  3. Write cd Desktop / ZiPhone.
  4. Now connect theiPhone to your PC with the cable.
  5. Put the iPhone in recovery mode (Press the Power + Home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo appear and then release the Power button. Keep pressing the Home button until you see the iTunes logo with a cable on the display.
  6. To start the IMEI exchange procedure, write "Ziphone-u -i to 123456789012345" on the commands where 123456789012345 the new IMEI.
  7. Wait for the program to locate the zibri.dat archive.
  8. Now yours iPhone will automatically restart with the new IMEI
  9. I remind you that the procedure only works on iPhone 4 / 3GS / 3G / 2.

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