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High frequency whistle from the speakers of the iPhone 3GS

There appears to be the first known bug for the new iPhone 3GS. The problem is manifested by a prolonged whistle, a high frequency sound, which comes from the speakers located in the lower part of the iPhone, next to the dock socket.

Among the first to notice the problem was the American Boy Genius Report who spoke about it in an article; subsequently, precise information was obtained from various users also on the Apple forums. For a couple of days, some Macity readers have also reported the problem to us, highlighting some cases in which it occurs: blocking (with a top button) of the iPhone, sending SMS or MMS, playing audio and video files, typing text. Some tests carried out by Macity have confirmed the presence of this strange and annoying bug that occurs on these occasions very regularly even if not in a mathematical way.

The very sharp hiss, the volume with which is reproduced is not very high, but still clearly perceptible and even annoying, especially for the high frequency, if you put your ear close to the speaker. On some occasions, as in shooting the video, not only can it be heard from the speaker, but if the silent environment also feels like "soundtrack" in the movie.

Difficult to say what provoked it; in this regard, only hypotheses based on empirical observations can be made. Stopwatch in hand the whistle lasts exactly 60 seconds when it triggers for sending an SMS, 10 seconds when the playback of an audio file ends, 5 seconds when the iPhone freezes. It could therefore be either a hissing caused by some task imposed by the operating system or, equally likely, a problem caused by the phone's processor. In the past, similar problems, even on the Apple platform (but not only), have occurred with some processors that emitted a very acute tone under a certain load, even if here it seems to come out of the speaker and not come from some point of the motherboard. Turning off the speakers (silent mode) the sound, in fact, is not heard.

In the absence of certainties about the cause of the hissing, we refrain from making conclusive hypotheses on the solution; if it were, in any case, a software problem, the problem would be easily solved. If it were a problem that derives from the hardware, the matter would become more serious.

Thanks for the report to Fabio Maiozzi