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Grammy Awards, iMac talks about itself

Grammy Awards, iMac talks about itself – logomacitynet1200wide 1

As we have already mentioned in recent days, Apple has received a Grammy, the Oscar for music. The recognition delivered in recent days was the first awarded to an IT company and went to Cupertino for the merits that it, with its products, had in the world of the seven notes where it transformed the way in which music is written, processed and Unfortunately, even those who had the opportunity to see the Grammy ceremony did not attend the award ceremony. A shame as, as it has been described, it would certainly have tickled and amused more than a Mac user.

In fact, to receive the recognition, an Apple manager did not appear, but an iMac LCD. Once on the stage, the machine acquired 'personality', launching itself into a speech, partly ironic and partly full of considerations on the remote past and the present that they highlighted the history of Apple and its innovation efforts. There were references to the need to launch the Classic environment to allow iMac to read the speech written in SimpleText and the predisposition of Windows to 'bomb' and the possibility that in front of the word 'bomb' Bono from U2 could have had some jolts given its Irish origins.

And starting from ‘Stuck in a Moment you can’t get out of’ iMac was profuse in considerations on his difficult moments not forgetting to mention Sculley, Spindler and Amelio. Then, quoting 'Oh Brother where are thou', the soundtrack of the Cohen brothers' film 'Brother where you are', iMac let it be known that he was invoked several times in those dark days at Steve Jobs's address.

In the end also a hint to the known dispute that Apple had with the Beatles. In the mid-1980s the most well-known complex in the world threatened to bring Cupertino to court for using the same name as their trademark that they used for their music production house. 'Thank you,' said iMac – John, Paul, George, and Ringo for letting me keep my name – Thanks to you too Yoko. ' The speech ended with an 'Mp3 forever, buy yourself an iPod and' let's go '

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