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Gramblr: program to upload Instagram photos from Windows and Mac computers


Gramblr to upload to Instagram from your computer.How to upload photos to Instagram from PC and Mac: the only working and free program

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most used and widespread social networks in the world. It allows in fact to upload photos to the internet and share them on the fly with friends and acquaintances to show anyone anything we want in an easy, fast and immediate way.

Instagram is also one of the most used and appreciated programs on smartphones and tablets, pity only that it is not possible to use all the functions of Instagram also from Windows and Mac PCs. Unfortunately, in fact, if we want to use Instagram on PC or Mac we have only a few and limited features, but above all cannot upload photos to Instagram directly from PC or Mac. A really big limit, which for today can be overcome with the Gramblr program, available for Windows and Mac, which allows you to upload photos to Instagram easily and share our most beautiful photos even from Windows and Mac PCs. But let's see how use Gramblr to upload photos to Instagram from Windows and Mac.


As we said, one of the features of Instagram (and also its biggest limit) that you can use it only from smartphone. Even the simple creation of an account must take place through the mobile application and this is certainly not convenient for users, especially for those who must or want to manage multiple Instagram accounts on the same smartphone or tablet. Although Instagram is having a huge success (over 200 million monthly users), not being able to use it from a PC or Mac desktop computer has been a big limit to date. But with Gramblr we can finally overcome this big and annoying limit.

Gramblr one of the few working tools that allows you to upload a photo to your Instagram profile through a computer (Windows or Mac pc). Really simple operation:

  • you need to download the software from and install it on your computer
  • log in with your Instagram profile
  • choose the photo from your computer, add the description (with hashtag) and you're done

Gramblr a free and perfect program to upload to Instagram from your Windows and Mac computer.

However well done, for, this program has some limitations:

  • The photo must already be square
  • It must have a maximum resolution of 650 by 650 px
  • It must be a maximum size of 500 kb

For me, however, these are not big limits because until today, when I uploaded photos on Instagram for work, I had to work and fix them with Photoshop first, so nothing changes. In fact, now I'm much more comfortable because I can finally upload photos to Instagram directly from PC and Mac, without having to send them to the phone, smartphone or tablet first.

As said, therefore, Gramblr currently the best program to upload and share photos on Instagram directly from Windows PC and Mac. It has some limitations, which can easily be overcome with any photo editing program (not necessarily Photoshop).

However, remember that Instagram has always been very jealous of its API and does not look favorably on those who use these tools, so the program may soon be removed and made no longer functional by Instagram. As long as it works, however, we can safely use it for upload and share photos on Instagram from Windows PC and Mac.

I still recommend you to try it, to date it seems to me the best alternative to upload and share photos on Instagram from Windows PC and Mac.


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