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Google Podcast for iOS officially lands on the App Store | Download

Google Podcasts for iOS is officially available on the App Store: the variant for iPhone and iPad devices It was published a few hours ago by the Mountain View company and since its first release it integrates all the latest graphic innovations introduced on Android a couple of days ago.

The home screen does indeed have three main tabs:

  • Home: tab dedicated to playing all your favorite podcasts;
  • Research: a dedicated section where you can find all the most popular podcasts, the most sought after and more;
  • Activities: the section through which you can manage all your episodes including downloads, listening history and subscription management.

Following are the main features of the app:

  • Discover podcasts that you will love
    • Sign up and listen to all your favorite podcasts.
    • Find advice on programs and bets tailored for you.
    • Discover popular and trendy programs in the categories of humor, news, sports and more.
    • Personalize your listening experience
    • Listen at higher playback speeds or skip parts of silence.
    • Queue bets for a seamless listening experience.
    • Easily track your listening history, downloads and subscriptions.
  • Listen wherever you are
    • Listen to multiple devices (phone, laptop, smart speaker) picking up where you left off.
    • Automatically download programs to listen to them offline and wherever you are.
    • Discover podcasts using Google Search and the Google Assistant.

Google Podcasts requires iOS 12.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and can be downloaded for free at the following address.