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Google Camera Go, the streamlined app with Portraits on less powerful Android devices

marzo 25, 2020

Google is launching the new Camera Go app for its range of entry-level Android Go devices. The lighter operating system originally debuted two years ago as a leaner version of Android, designed to run on low-cost, very cheap devices. , which now operates on 100 million active devices. Google has created several Go version apps, including Gmail, YouTube and other key services, but the photo one was missing. The giant runs for cover and presents Camera Go.

The new photography app has a simple and clutter-free interface, as it has been designed and optimized for all users who may have used their smartphone for the first time.

Google Cemera Go, the slim photo app that does not give up on Portraits

Google remains true to its original vision of Android Go, allowing users not to worry about storage space: the app will monitor the remaining photo or video storage space and suggest ways to free up space. In this, moreover, Google Photos, will certainly help.

Camera Go, Google explains, deeply integrated into the phone's operating system and not just a photo filter. Google has even added a Portrait mode to create a depth of field effect in the photos, which will therefore also be possible on $ 50 devices. the first time this feature lands in this class of devices.

The first Android Go device supplied with the new Camera Go app will be HMD 1.3, available in April at a price of 95 eur.