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Get informed and win a Mac: the great Macitynet competition continues

Who wants to win a MacBook, an iPhone or an iPod touch arrived in the right place. On, in fact, “Inform and win a Mac” continues its first, great competition, designed and thought for all its readers and for anyone with the Apple printed in their heads.

The initiative, which started in early June, will last until the last day of July, full of prizes. Not only does the podium present three of the most captivating products of the Cupertino line-up, but in all there are at stake 29 software, accessories, highly popular peripherals: a 2 TB LaCie Big Quadra, two Adobe Lightrooms, three compound sets from Office 2008 Student for Mac, Microsoft keyboards and mice, a Logitech Pure-Fi iPod amplifier with a Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro camera, a LaCie Little Disk portable disk, three ElGato EyeTv Diversity, another LogiTech Pure-Fi Express amplifier, five Intego software (Personal BackUp, NetBarrier, ContentBarrier, Personal AntiSpam and FileGuard) as well as 7 Nova Media Launch2Net and a Usb Plus hub and a Belkin Laptop Cooling Lunge. The total prize pool, set up in collaboration with prestigious, well-known and generous sponsors such as Adobe, Belkin, Elgato, LaCie, Logitech, Microsoft, and Nova Media, reaches 5,227.00 Euros excluding VAT.

Winning very simple. All you have to do is subscribe to the Macity newsletter, the magazine with which our site keeps in touch with its readers by sending them a summary of the week's news, and answer a questionnaire. Who among our readers is not registered for the newsletter will have to do is fill in our questionnaire related to the competition and will be automatically registered both in the competition and in the newsletter.

To participate in the Macitynet competition, whether you are registered or not registered for the newsletter, just go to this page, view the prizes and regulations, and then go to the questionnaire. But beware: the competition doesn't last forever. On July 30, the initiative will close and with it also the chance to win our beautiful prizes.

So don't wait any longer; click here and take part in our competition immediately

get informed and ... win