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FutureBASIC Version 6 is ready: from 68k to Carbon …

FutureBASIC Version 6 is ready: from 68k to Carbon … – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The main changes are: – Carbon application generation. Programs will run natively in Mac OS 9 and OS X. This single feature opens new horizons for FutureBASIC programmers.

– The new Execution Environment: Appearance. “This Environment will change your programming experience. So many aspects have been enhanced, and there is so much to explore that you will find it hard to believe. So read carefully the selection of new features available on this page. Even the Standard BASIC environment benefited from the transition. All FutureBASIC header files have been updated to allow the carbonization of the old code. In many cases, changes are managed transparently from the execution code; Program Generator also received the same treatment and that hundreds of example files have been cleaned, checked and updated.

We remind you that among the main features of Future Basic you can find – Editor with plug-in support – Super fast compiler – Project Manager – Debugger, Profiler, Program Generator (CASE tool) – Open Source Runtime: – Console – BASIC Standard – Toolbox – Object– BASIC-88– Carbon compilation– Online assembler PPC & 68K– Access to Toolbox and shared libraries– Application min: 28 Kbyte, Application max: 2 Gbyte– System min 7.6

For more information on the Italian version, visit the Staz Software website

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