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From manure to the cloud, the heat of the Apple data center in Denmark will warm homes

From manure to the cloud, the heat of the Apple data center in Denmark will scale houses –

Cupertino is the greenest hi-tech multinational ever and continues to be an example for the entire sector (and not only) with eco-sustainable and cutting-edge green tech solutions: among these also the new Apple data center in Denmark, already defined as the largest investment foreigner in the history of the country. As is the case for all other Apple data centers in the USA, China and elsewhere, this new Apple facility will also operate completely with renewable energy.

In Denmark, Apple goes further with a series of solutions developed in collaboration with Aarhus University: agricultural waste and scraps will be processed to create methane to be used to produce energy to power the Apple data center. The process of creating methane from agricultural waste also produces nutrient-rich fertilizers which are returned to agricultural companies from which waste and waste come.

The eco-sustainable cycle between the Apple structure, the territory and the adjacent communities defined as a mutually beneficial relationship in the latest Apple environmental report of 2017 released in recent days. Excess heat produced by servers and computers in the data center will be collected and sent to the local heating plant, then used to heat nearby homes. Recall that Apple has allocated the sum of 1.7 billion euros to build two data centers in Europe, one in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula and the other in Athenry in Ireland: both will be completed and will start operating by the end of this year. . In its data centers Cupertino manages all cloud-related functions, including Siri, iTunes and digital stores, Apple Music, movies and music via the cloud, storage and synchronization of Apple user data on iCloud and more.

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