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For LCD monitors skyrocketing prices

For LCD monitors skyrocketing prices – logomacitynet1200wide 1

From the east there are increasingly persistent rumors of substantial and constant increases in LCD monitors. A growth that in the last few weeks has touched 30% on the costs of the end of last year. This is confirmed by the Taiwanese Digitimes who in an article published today today estimates the price of an LCD panel at $ 250/260 compared to the 180/190 of the third quarter of 2001. The leap forward, which comes hand in hand with that equal from the percentage point of view of finished monitors and 14 'LCDs for laptops, the result of a series of market maneuvers started just last year. Faced with an increase in demand, LCD manufacturers in late 2001 hesitated to increase the output of their factories. The move was intended to increase the very low profit margins the segment was forced to live with. Subsequently, a series of "sample" price increases launched to see market reactions had a positive outcome with the OEMs and the public, however receptive despite the increased costs. Now the situation seems to have settled and the situation on the price front seems more uncertain with a part of the analysts forecasting another 10% increase in April but also a cooling of demand. If these forecasts were correct, added to rumors of production increases that can be seen on the horizon, it would mean that those who produce the displays in the short term may have the need to start lowering their costs before the summer. which counts that the costs of 15 'LCD monitors already have the cost they had to have at the end of 2002 with consequent planning problems for PC and monitor assemblers. Among these there is also Apple which has focused all its cards on a computer, the iMac LCD, which uses in all its configurations the most requested display, the 15 '. The jolts of the liquid crystal display market could produce either an unlikely rise in prices or a cut in percentage margins. In any case, nothing positive for the balance sheet at the end of March even if it must be said that to date Apple has not yet provided any announcement of profits below expectations. Which would suggest that there are no excessive reasons for concern in Cupertino.

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