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For Greenpeace, Apple is the greenest hi-tech company in the world

Greenpeace's new report titled Clicking Clean awards Apple the recognition of the greenest hi-tech company in the world. the third consecutive year that Cupertino is placed in first position in a ranking that has great visibility in the western world and in mature markets, where the commitment to clean energy and the reduction of pollution considered a distinctive factor for companies and individuals.

Apple obtained the maximum grade (A) in 4 categories out of 5: energy transparency, commitment on renewable energies, energy efficiency and also for the supply from renewable sources. The vote for Cupertino, on the other hand, is only slightly lower (B instead of A) for the Advocacy category, i.e. patronage and defense of green issues.

The Greenpeace report shows that the energy footprint of the global IT sector is estimated at 7% of the total energy consumption, given by the construction and power supply of the devices, data centers and infrastructures. By 2020, a threefold increase in global web traffic is expected and consequently an increase in consumption, which is why an increasingly green and environmentally friendly approach for companies that manage platforms is increasingly important.

In addition to Apple Greenpeace praises the results achieved by Google, Facebook and also by Switch, a Nevada USA company that manages data centers. For several years now, Apple has invested heavily in renewable energy at all levels, from the Apple Stores, Campuses and offices around the world, to sensitize and divert its suppliers and manufacturers to green strategies. Apple aims to become a company completely powered by renewable energy sources for 100% of its needs.

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