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Facebook: the new iPhone client is almost ready

It will be a new program, which will exploit the potential of the new 3.0 operating system for iPhone and iPod touch even more. Those of Facebook, the first social network in the world and a phenomenon in Italy, assure it, where since last summer (when the portal interface was localized in Italian) it has had a real boom.

The fundamental features of the update that Facebook has prepared for the new customers make the leap forward to those that already made the application created for Apple phones a unique and among the best cases. There are however small improvements but also a more general interface restyling. In all, 15 news that are indicated by the Facebook managers themselves.

First of all, a new news feed system, a new mechanism for Likes, the management of events (including a courtesy "rsvp" to confirm) of the notes, the page system, to create new photo albums and to send in network new photos. In addition, it will be possible to zoom in the photos and improve (simplifying) the way of inserting the tags on them. You can create photo albums for the profile, a new home screen will allow you to access more quickly the various useful information for the user (search for data and see the various notifications, among other things) and you can add your favorite profiles and favorite pages on the home page. In addition, a better notification system will also allow you to manage comments, so as to allow you to reply directly from that screen and get the conversation off the ground. Furthermore, you can send a message quickly from the friends screen to any contact and finally it will be possible to automatically save the messages that are typed, even very long ones, in case the application must be suddenly turned off or a phone call arrives.

Finally, those of Facebook make it known that the important functionality of push notifications, which iPhone 3.0 now allows, will only be present later: they will arrive later during the summer, for.