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DVD Player 3.1.1 for X can now read DVDs even without DVDs

DVD Player 3.1.1 for X can now read DVDs even without DVD – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In its recent update to version 3.1.1 Apple makes it possible through its DVD Player for X to read Video.TS files made by those who deal with DVD authoring or those who want to read video tracks directly but until yesterday it was necessary at least the presence of a "physical" reader, now no longer.

Here is what A. Ferraro writes: β€œThanks to the patch published on MacBidouille, any machine on which you run OS X and has installed Apple DVD Player 3.1.1 (even the old 8600, I use one) are able to view any VIDEO_TS folder ( in mpeg 2), and with perfect quality! Try it to believe it: excellent for those who have imacs or laptops without a DVD player, or who – like me – has an old 8600 updated to G4 / 450 with ATiRadeon and Toshiba SCSI DVD player, which Normally NOT seen by Apple DVD Player, big limitation now overcome. "

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