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DVD burners, HP changes strategy

marzo 25, 2020

DVD burners, HP changes strategy – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Compatibility with common DVD players on the market is starting to be a problem for HP and its DVD + RW standard. This is demonstrated by the slowness with which the drives, launched on the market now six months ago, are conquering consumers and, above all, the release yesterday of a new series of DVD burners which according to the manufacturer would have a higher degree of compatibility to the previous ones with DVD-ROM drives, those that are used in the home to watch movies. The two new drives, the dvd200i and the DVD200e, are supplied with a utility that can modify the mastering settings and improve compatibility. with DVD-ROM.HP also presented the utility in the form of a download from its own site so that even the owners of the first burner, the DVD100i, can use it. It is not clear, at the moment, what is the degree of compatibility increase.

Recall that the DVD + RW standard is the direct competitor of the DVD-RW standard used by Apple. Despite the DVD + RW offers interesting functions that make it suitable for use in the IT field such as that of video recording, from the beginning it has been watched with suspect by observers because of the difficulties of compatibility with home readers.

Precisely the possibility of creating discs that can be burned with images and videos and then given to friends, relatives and acquaintances considered a crucial factor in the success of domestic multimedia authoring, a crucial factor that Apple has put in the foreground from the first moment with the Superdrive choice. The DVD200i, internal version of the player / recorder, will be ready in April and will cost $ 499; the external version dvd200e (with USB 2 connector and FireWire) will cost $ 599 and will be ready in May.

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