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Difference between social media marketing and digital marketing

Marketing consists of ascertaining consumer needs and satisfying them profitably. One of the emerging branches of marketing digital marketing, which has changed the way marketing is done in the past few years. a channel for advertising and direct sales to consumers, which has a global reach.

Digital marketing uses all digital channels to create awareness and promote products and services for the target audience. Includes online marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

Social Media Marketing often in contrast to digital marketing, but not the same thing, as in social media marketing only a component of digital marketing that uses social media as a platform to reach customers and build relationships with them.

This excerpt article helps you understand the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing.

Comparative chart

Basis for comparison Social media marketing Digital marketing
SenseSocial Media Marketing a form of marketing that uses social media sites, forums and blogs to promote products or brands and create awareness about them.Digital marketing involves promoting and attracting customers across all digital platforms, including Internet-based and non-Internet-based channels.
To reachLimitedWide
Based onSatisfybanner
Concerned withEngage the social media user, in the best way.Reach the target audience through different digital marketing platforms.
speedtallComparatively slow

Definition of social media marketing

The process of promoting a product or service and building a strong relationship with customers through different social media channels is called social media marketing. Here, the term Social Media, nothing more than a platform that allows users to share their messages, stories, images, audio, etc. Directly to people connected with them.

Social media helps marketers to make their presence online and establish a public voice. In addition, the success, growth and commitment of users can be easily monitored through the data analysis tool provided by these networks.

The three main social media channels are forums, blogs and social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.

There are two ways to market via social media; the first free, which starts with connections and increases followers on social media, sharing some valuable content, inviting consumer participation, etc. The second way is paid advertising, for example: you may have seen sponsored ads, on social media, such as facebook, twitter, etc.

Definition of digital marketing

By the term digital marketing, we mean a form of marketing that uses electronic channels, in particular the Internet, to promote products, services, brands and companies.

Internet-based digital marketing methods include content marketing, content automation, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, email marketing . However, non-Internet based methods include marketing through radio, television, SMS, MMS, etc.

The three main components of digital marketing are:

  • Online marketing : Includes communication options such as websites, search ads, display ads or banner ads, email ads, etc.
  • Social media marketing : advertise products or services through forums, blogs and social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Mobile Marketing : Use text messaging, mobile apps and ads to create traffic.

The digital marketer keeps an eye on recent market trends, essentially what is highly viewed, how often it is viewed and what type of content the audience likes, and so on. ubiquitous, because information is accessible from anywhere at any time.

Key differences between social media marketing and digital marketing

The differences between social media marketing and digital marketing are elaborated in the following points:

  1. Social media marketing is a type of marketing that uses social media sites to increase traffic and increase customer engagement. On the other hand, digital marketing refers to modern marketing technique, which uses all available and convenient electronic channels to promote products or services and increase the customer's reach.
  2. In social media marketing, the scope limited to the boundaries of social media sites and so on the Internet. On the contrary, digital marketing is not only based on Internet-based platforms, as it can also be performed offline and therefore relatively wider coverage.
  3. In social media marketing, the content considered the king and therefore the better the content, the greater the customer involvement. On the other hand, in digital marketing it focuses on banners, to create an impression on the customer's mind.
  4. In social media marketing, the marketer aims to actively engage the social media user. On the contrary, digital marketing emphasizes reaching the target audience by using different channels such as TV, radio, mobile apps, e-mails, search ads and so on.
  5. If you compare the speed of a product advertised on social media and digital media, social media will obviously win because of the faster coverage. This is due to an active user response, in the form of likes, sharing, comments and states, which helps to reach a wider audience in a few seconds and therefore digital media are slower.


To summarize, it can be said that social media marketing is part of digital marketing. The best thing about these two marketing techniques is that the marketer can easily track the impression, through analyzes such as number of visits / views, commitments / clicks, daily time spent, etc.