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D-Link Omna 180, at CES2017 the FULL HD security camera ready for Apple HomeKit

D-Link Omna 180, the manufacturer's first security camera compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology, was presented at CES. The camera offers fixed panoramic viewing and a 180-degree angle that allows you to control an entire room at a glance. The device also integrates a microphone and speaker, allowing you to communicate remotely with people in a room.

There are specific security features and technologies for end-to-end encryption in the transmission of data from the camera to the iPhone or iPad. The device is controlled from the "Home" app for iOS and therefore compatible with accessories from other brands that can be managed with Apple HomeKit.

The video camera allows a high definition color video surveillance (1080p) of a complete room, without the need to rotate the lens or install multiple video cameras in the same environment to obtain satisfactory coverage. equipped with integrated infrared LEDs which according to the manufacturer allow a view of up to 5 meters even in complete darkness.

D-Link Omna 180

The user can program the recording to start detection of noises or movements: the files are saved directly on a MicroSD card (up to 128GB) if you insert it into the slot on the device; through the dedicated app it is possible to view the recordings in the local memory, even remotely.

For unnecessary installation, the intervention of a technician and daily use does not require the use of particular software, control hub or extra costs such as subscription to services: only a Wi-Fi network and a dedicated app are needed.

The D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD camera (DSH-C310) available from the first quarter of 2017: it is also found on Amazon at a very aggressive price.

If you want an overview of cameras with Homekit we refer you to our guide dedicated to the topic.