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Cubase SX from Steinberg: Audio and Midi for OS X

Cubase SX by Steinberg: Audio and Midi for OS X – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Cubase SX manages "smart" MIDI inputs and processing tools, new virtual instruments and effects, simplified editing, score editing, Surround 5.1, mixing and mastering – with a completely new user interface and a totally rewritten software engine for Mac OS X.Cubase SX was developed entirely from scratch and includes the latest technologies developed by Steinberg's digital audio labs also found in Nuendo. "Cubase SX offers new management and incredible performance, all designed specifically to support the creativity of musicians from today."

Some of the new Cubase SX features:

– New user interface – Graphical automation of each parameter – Real-time musical MIDI processing – Unlimited undo / redo – Surround 5.1 – A complete set of virtual instruments – New virtual effect processors – Edit History … and many other new features.

For more information, visit the Steinberg website.

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