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Coronavirus, OrCam distributes free wearables for the blind

OrCam Technologies will distribute OrCam MyEye 2, a device that can read aloud all printed and digital text, including news and information on packs and liars, for free to blind people.A solidarity initiative that in this time of crisis for Coronavirus represents an interesting resource for the visually impaired and blind.

OrCam Technologies has developed OrCam MyEye 2, a wearable device based on artificial intelligence, light and compact, the size of a finger, equipped with speaker and Bluetooth connectivity.

In collaboration with Visione Dept, due to the serious global health emergency situation, he decided to start a program that provides free shipping of the device or to anyone who requests it. OrCam MyEye2 can be used at no cost and will allow those who do not see to recover the necessary autonomy and to carry out daily operations such as taking a drug without errors or choosing what to eat independently.

OrCam support blind coronavirus

The digital solidarity for OrCam therefore passes from a tool that can offer help and assistance to people who already have to face a discomfort related to sight and the inability to rely on the help of third parties.

For more information on this initiative, please refer to the Facebook page of OrCam Technologies.

Like OrCam Technologies, many other companies are dedicating resources to researching accessibility for disabled people, including Apple, Ikea and Google.

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