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Coronavirus: new decree signed, electronics and repair shops open

The physical sales of electronics and online sales will continue to work together with the repair business

All those who do not have activities essential to the life of the country will have to stop. The announcement made by Prime Minister Conte in the late evening of Saturday 21 March effectively sanctioned the shutdown of those businesses which produce and distribute unidentified goods and products as of first necessity. But the bogeyman about the possible closure of eCommerce and electronics stores dissolved with the list disclosed in Annex 1 which indicates all the activities that can remain open and can guarantee sales and above all repair services.

Electronics stores open with eCommerce and repair activities

electronic repair activity

One of the main concerns for those who work with electronic equipment was related to the activity carried out in smart working and beyond. That is, to be able to have the possibility of buy products related to your work from home and above all to have adequate assistance in the event of breakdowns of your devices (PCs, smartphones, monitors etc …) that needed repairs.

A breath of fresh air in learning that repair and maintenance of computers and peripherals, repair and maintenance of landlines, cordless and cell phones and repair and maintenance of other communication equipment will continue to operate. Each shop among the authorized ones will clearly decide independently for the health of employees and customers how to move.

As far as leCommerce and shops in general are concerned, absolutely nothing changes, the old rules apply. So the impossibility for supermarkets to sell non-essential goods on Saturdays and Sundays and the possibility for electronics stores to keep open, and the same thing also applies to e-commerce.

The various brands will now decide how to behave, whether to keep the electronics stores open or whether to keep the e-commerce only open as many have already decided.Amazon's situation is different, which had already decided yesterday to manage at the moment only orders related to basic necessities. In the next few hours we will see how Amazon will change the management of orders and which product categories will give priority.

The message, in essence, that we can all see when we enter eCommerce located under the part of our account.

"We are prioritizing the most requested products and some items may be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your understanding at this time when we prioritize the products that customers need most. All the already confirmed orders will be delivered regularly ".