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CES 2017: Internet use in the family is controlled with Bellefox's wifi

BelleFox the first Active Discovery WiFi for families: Bellefox allows parents to find out their children's interests, check the time spent on social networks, searches made in the browser or on e-commerce sites. In short, a small family control center, where young novice surfers or teenagers unleashed on the Web can be followed, even remotely, by mom and dad. Perhaps a little disturbing for those who tremble just at the thought of discovering their children's secrets (especially older ones), but a control system like the one proposed in Las Vegas could be very useful in many, indeed, many cases. Think, for example, of the kids who spend too much time on social networks or playing or chatting and need control by adults.

With BelleFox Wi-Fi LiveView you can check what family members are doing online anytime, anywhere.

Cognitive learning algorithms will analyze the online activity of each device connected to the home wireless network. The control would allow, in the case where the children are at home, to drive in the digital world avoiding dependence and directing curiosity. With BelleFox, in fact, parents could be notified when their children are visiting sites unsuitable for their age, pages with inappropriate content or contacts from strangers. BelleFox offers useful functions for the development and implementation of family rules regarding the use of the network, to help parents with some suggestions in the conscious use of the Web for the little ones.

With BelleFox, a device with a compact design and very easy to install and usable with a truly intuitive and simple app, it is possible to understand the behavior of children and discover the topics of interest for all members of the family, the potential of each, habits and preferences.

The price of about $ 200: the product can be pre-ordered on the company's website, obtaining a 15 percent discount starting from this link.

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