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BMW, to open the car just have the iPhone in your pocket

BMW would be working with Apple to make sure his cars can be open with the help of an iPhone. The German manufacturer is in fact working with Cupertino for the development of the new CarKey functionality. Traces of this collaboration have been found within the iOS 14 code. This means that in the future the cars of the Munich house will be able to open through the smartphone of the bitten apple but not using any app, but simply by approaching the car.

The first traces of this functionality have been found within the iOS 13.4 code. According to what emerged at the time of discovery, this platform uses NFC technology to communicate with the car, it will be compatible also with Apple Watch is will not require the use of Face ID. Furthermore, through the app wallet it will be possible to share the "digital key" with other people. That BMW wants to be among the pioneers of this new technology should not be too surprising.

The German brand is among the main members of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), which is working to create an industry standard for the use of digital keys. Among the members of this consortium there is also Apple. In addition, BMW was the first to launch Apple CarPlay wirelessly. In the not too distant future, therefore, to open your car you just need to have your iPhone in your pocket. It seems that the era of the "old" physical keys has the days counted.