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ATI, chipset processors

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ATI seeks new market outlets to free itself from Nvidia's competition and looks with interest at potentially lucrative but also difficult to deal with segments such as that of chipsets.The announcement that the Canadian company will release integrated chipset processors, i.e. processors that are literally 'fused' 'with the series of processors that are part of the suite that accompanies the CPU and that are used to connect the main processor with other components, was given later today at CeBit in Hannover. The processors in question are mid-range and low-end versions of the Radeon series that will be supplied to manufacturers who base their systems on Intel's Pentiums and AMD's Athlons. The result will be a lower cost for the machine that will not have to also have a card specifically dedicated to graphics processing. The step follows that of Nvidia who some time ago had announced integrated chipsets for Athlon processors. The market, we said, profitable because the choice to integrate components at the chipset level reduces the costs and the dimensions of the motherboards and in the future it could grow at a faster speed than the 'add on' cards. Risky because those who really need high-performance cards cannot rely on integrated systems that offer modest speed cues compared to the actual additional cards. In addition to this, the profits are very low compared to average high development and engineering costs. Some observers argue that ATI can have good arguments towards PC manufacturers since it is still a specialist in graphics chips. In any case, everyone seems to agree on the fact that the move has some risk since the field of chipsets has always been one of the most difficult for those who produce components for IT systems.

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