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At CES2017 presented Elgato Eve Extend and Aqua for the smart home with HomeKit

At CES 2017 Elgato offers two new accessories for the smart home: the first Eve Extend, a new solution that expands the Bluetooth range for HomeKit devices, while the second Eva Aqua, a new wireless controller for home irrigation.

Elgato Eve Extend a new device capable of extending the range of Bluetooth accessories for HomeKit, by connecting to the Wi-Fi network. It is a particularly useful product to expand the efficiency of accessories based on HomeKit technology and which use the smart home platform. Apple The small device, for correct operation, must be powered via micro USB. Unlike Apple TV which acts as a HomeKit control unit usually positioned near the TV, the Elgato Eve Extend can be positioned on the edge of our Wi-Fi network, therefore useful for controlling devices both inside and outside the home.

Elgato Eve Aqua, on the other hand, is a more original accessory, always for a smart home, which connects to the taps and allows you to remotely control the flow of water, therefore ideal for gardens and irrigation. Eve Aqua relies on Bluetooth for connectivity and is battery powered. It will be available in silver or black, although not yet known the compatibility, or not, with HomeKit. The manufacturer has not yet communicated the sale prices and details on availability.

For all the news regarding CES 2017, please refer to this Macitynet page, constantly updated, with photos and news from the event taking place in Las Vegas.

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