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At CES 2017, the well-being of aromatherapy passes through the iPhone with Aromacare

At CES 2017, innovative solutions for aromatherapy, thanks to Aromacare, the connected diffuser, which is controlled by the iPhone and which delights the sense of smell, releasing aromas inside your home, with cycles of about 20 minutes.

While it may seem an extravagant idea, in the developed countries such as France, where the company responsible for the project is based, the wellness market moves around 38 billion euros, almost as much as the pharmaceutical market. This sector is not only based on healthy products, intended for example in diets or physical activity, but also on products to relax the senses. In short, those who embrace this type of lifestyle, open to alternative medicines, such as aroma therapy, will find Aromacare a particularly useful and interesting system.

It is a small object, which can be easily transported, with a modern and elegant design, similar to any pair of speakers, inside which oil capsules can be inserted, customized according to taste, the release of which is managed almost entirely by the smartphone, thanks to the appropriate companion app.

The diffuser creates a sort of bubble around the user, inundated with various aromas, for a duration of about 20 minutes per session, for a "natural cosmetics" made of various mixtures, which allow you to breathe in a healthier way, increasing concentration, helping sleep and, in theory, easing stress.

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