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Apple working to close a security flaw in SMS on iPhone

marzo 25, 2020

Apple working to close a security flaw in SMS on iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone OS operating system is more secure than Mac OS X, however a dangerous new flaw would allow an attacker to send malicious code via one or more SMS. The smartphone would then run the program without any user intervention taking advantage of even administrator privileges: Apple is already working to remedy it. This is what Charlie Miller, a security expert in the Mac environment, knew during a speech at the SyScan conference taking place in recent days in Singapore.

Miller did not provide any further details stating that he had entered into an agreement with Apple, merely providing an overview of the attack possibilities offered by the SMS flaw. In practice, even if SMS can only contain 140 characters, it is theoretically possible for the attacker to send a single program in binary format divided into several messages. these are received and the package automatically assembled by iPhone which then proceeds to execute the malicious software. The attacker could thus perform on the smartphone, even with administrator privileges, any type of operation such as the use of GPS functions to locate the user, spy on telephone conversations made, even take advantage of iPhone as a botnet to perform Web attacks on Internet sites . The security expert has however confirmed that Apple is already working to resolve the problem and that further details on this flaw will be presented by Miller himself during the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, presumably when Cupertino has already released the patch, expected by month of July.

Also in his speech at the SyScan conference in Singapore, Miller illustrated how jailbroken iPhones are less secure than unlocked ones. After specifying that the lightened version of Mac OS X used by the iPhone and touch is more secure than Mac computers running the full operating system, Miller explained that the jailbreak process actually removes roughly 80% of the protection systems implemented by Apple. In particular, only Apple-approved programs can be run on the original iPhone and touch, in addition, the paperbacks integrate hardware protections to protect the data stored in memory. Both of these protections are disabled with the jailbreak process, along with many high ones. "If the user cares about the security (of their smartphone and their data), they should not use a jailbroken iPhone" Miller suggested.

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