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Apple TV 6 will double the storage. tvOS 14 with child profiles | Rumor

A new Apple TV it could be in the home straight and in the next major release of tvOS, the 14, a new child mode should be included that will allow parents to block the display of content not suitable for children. This information was discovered by the Israeli portal The Verifier and shared exclusively with the YouTube channel iUpdate.

Apparently, the main novelty of Apple TV 6 (or whatever it's called) will be a doubling of storage space available – then from the cuts of 32 and 64 GB of the models currently on the market we will move on to 64 and 128 GB. However, it's good news by calculating the advent of Apple Arcade, the "all you can eat" video game service that offers access to over 100 titles against a monthly subscription of € 4.99. All games must be downloaded locally, and at a handful of GB each one is likely to find himself in difficulty rather quickly.

The only other detail that emerged concerns the SoC: it could be an Apple A11 or an A12. The current ATV 4K mounts an A10X, while the ATV HD even an old A8 – the same as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There is still time to discover new details: the presentation of the next generation set-top box should take place this fall.

On the software side, sources say the children's profile will merge automatic filters for viewable contents and others activated manually by parents, mainly related to the apps that can be accessed. By the way it should also be implemented Usage time – for all profiles, not just those of children. Time spent watching different types of content and playing Apple Arcade video games will be counted, for example.